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I have moved………

29 May


I have been saying for ages I was going to go self hosted, but it hasn’t happened until now! I have been a bit quiet the last week whilst the site has been all sorted out by some fabulous people who have much more of a technical mind than me and it is now finished!

If you are subscribed here you will need to re-subscribe to my new home to keep receiving my posts! Please come and visit me soon! Will be the same ol’ ramblings just in a brand spanking new home!


Whilst I am on about following you can also find me on Facebook here and Twitter here 


Blog Camp Post – finally!

27 Apr

Well nearly a whole week has gone by since Blog Camp.  I have been meaning to write about it all week, but with Molly starting pre school (see what I did there??!! Nice little link I thought – proves I learnt something!) I have had no time to actually sit down and write anything.

Anyway, here it is, Blog Camp my thoughts!

Listening to the fabulous Bangs & a Bun got me thinking,  my blog is me, it represents who I am.  I feel as though my kids have taken over just a tiny little bit.  Yes, I am a parent and I guess that makes me a Parent Blogger…But what about me? Don’t I have an opinion? Likes, dislikes? Not really on my blog it would seem. I was thinking that maybe as the writer of the blog I should get at least some say? Of course the kids are going to feature a lot because they are my life, and I love writing about them, but what about my singing? What  about my thoughts and opinions on things?  I think I need to bring a bit of ME into The Singing Mummy!  So I intend to do just that!

So I am planning some changes around here.  Firstly and please don’t laugh because my technical knowledge is rubbish not up to much.  I will be going self hosted really soon! YAY for me!  Given that my technical knowledge allows me to just about write and publish a post tells you just what an interesting journey this is going to be, I seriously have about as much technical knowledge as a football! But I am determined to learn all I need to know to help me to manage a self hosted blog page but I am sure you will all have a giggle at me with me along the way. But before you know it I will be the plug-in Queen……….

So what did I learn I hear you all ask??!  I learnt about SEO, Search Engine Optimisation (you should be VERY impressed at this point!).  I learnt some great little hints and tips from the lovely Lee Smallwood as well as information from the Red Rocket about going self hosted.  As for the follow and no follow link debate, I am still a bit lost.  I haven’t done any sponsored posts so am guessing I don’t really need to worry too much and I think I may have got my head around it all just about, it did take the lovely Kylie from Not Even and Bag of Sugar a LOT of explaining to get me there, but it paid off and I get it………just about (I think!!).

Mostly I learnt that being a blogger is FAB! Meeting other bloggers is even more FAB and I love it!! I was so worried about going to Blog Camp, I have never travelled anywhere on my own before and I am well-known for getting lost and being very late, so getting on a train and getting there on time (ok, ok, it was thanks to the lovely Mammasaurus meeting me when I arrived and the lovely Michelle from Mummy Rates It pointing me to the right platform going home) BUT it was still a big achievement for me.  Everyone was lovely, so friendly and I had such a great day!

Huge thanks to Sally at the Tots 100 for organising a great event.  I am just short of my 600 word count for SEO purposes……can I think of any other ramblings for you all tonight??  No, so I will leave it at that which actually gives me just over my word count!! YAY!!