Meal Planning Monday

14 May

Here we are again!! This weeks meal plan and goals!

Monday – Vegetable Stir Fry

Tuesday – Pasta with tuna and vegetables (my own made up recipe!)

Wednesday – Spaghetti Bolognese – this was on the list last week but we didn’t have it, so have added it again as it is Molly’s favourite!

Thursday – Salmon with sweet potato mash and green beans (A Thinking Slimmer recipe)

Friday – Potato Wedges, sausages and salad (Haloumi cheese for me!)

If you have a meal plan why not link up over with Mrs M too!

My goals 

As you can see from my previous post about being positive and focussed, things are so far going really well!  I remembered to weigh myself last week and when I stepped onto the scales on Friday morning I had lost a whopping 8.5lbs in 6 days! I got on and off the scales so many times thinking they must have been wrong – but they were correct! This has totally given me another major boost!

So as far as my goals go for this week, I am going to be taking a different approach, I am not going to be weighing myself weekly from now on, Sandra from Thinking Slimmer has advised ‘I throw the scales away.’  So there will be no weekly weigh in from now on, I am going to concentrate on how my clothes feel and fit as my guide to my weight loss.

So goal number 1 is to not weigh myself which seems a bit strange coming from someone trying to loose weight  and I think it will be harder than i think to not obsess over the lbs, but I am going to give it a go!

Goal number 2 is to hunt out some new healthy recipes to include in my meal plan, I struggle with meals that can cater for us all, I am a vegetarian and the kids and my husband are all meat eaters, so it can be tough finding a balance that suits us all.

Goal number 3 is to up my running to 2 minutes at a time in the gym by the end of this week. Now I never expected running to be easy, but I really thought I would manage longer than a minute. It wasn’t to be though, so at the moment, I am up to 1 minute 30 seconds, then walking for a minute then back to running.  By the end of the week I aim to be running for 2 minutes walking for 1 minute.  I hope this makes sense, I know what I mean but writing in a way that makes sense doesn’t seem to be happening very easily!

So there it is, my meal plan and goals for this week! Have a great week everyone!


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