Charley on Safari DVD Review

6 May

Another rainy day, I am starting to think that it is actually October, dark in the mornings, dark by tea time.  If there was anything to brighten up our day then Charlie Bear on Safari would have to be it!! We were lucky enough to be sent a copy to review, and made the most of the horrible weather to take a look.  Given how cold and miserable it has been for what feels like forever, we decided to cheer ourselves up and have a pyjama party! We had our tea early and popped our pyjamas on and spent an hour watching Charlie Bear whilst tucking into some yummy treats left over from Easter time!  We had so much fun.

When Molly was younger there were a quite few shows on CBeebies that would hold her attention, but with Alfie TV doesn’t really interest him that much, until Charlie Bear comes on and then he giggles his little head off.  I have lost count of the times I have logged into the iPlayer to put it on for him. He loves it.  So when he saw the box he was a very happy boy, especially when he saw the Charlie Bear toy that it came with, which of course went straight into his mouth……. Poor Charley Bear!

In these latest adventures from the pre school favourite, Charley pretends to be different wild animals but he has no idea what noises they make.  To find out, he heads off on an exciting jungle safari with his friends Midge and Nibblit to track down the animals and hear their sounds.  Behaving like a crazy monkey, Charley gets chased by a snappy shark, tries not to wake a very grumpy tiger and explores the jungle for Dinosaurs, discovering a Charleyosaurus! 

Alfie loved the DVD and couldn’t wait to put it on, and the Little Charley Bear toy is never far from his side at the moment which is very cute, Molly has given up trying to play with it, she never gets a chance!

I have to say the DVD held Alfie’s attention well and although he didn’t sit still for the whole 50 minutes (Molly on the other hand didn’t move an inch!) he sat for longer than I expected him too and a lot longer than I have ever know him too! When he did get up he was pottering around the living room and watching the DVD at the same time, multi tasking bless him!

Little Charley Bear has been a big hit here, Alfie and Molly both love the DVD and Alfie keeps bringing it to me and pointing at the TV which is totally adorable!!  I would recommend this DVD to any Charley Bear fans out there, with the awful weather we are currently having it can be so hard to keep your little ones entertained indoors, Charley Bear will give you a chance to snuggle up on the sofa under a nice big blanket and ignore the wind and rain for a little while!

‘Charlie on Safari’ DVD comes out on the 7th May 2012.  You can follow Charley on Facebook here and you can get more information about Charley Bear on his very own website!


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