Poppy Cat Comes to ITV1 and CITV

3 May

 All this rain recently has made it hard to keep the little ones entertained.  My two hate being cooped up inside, they are both ‘outdoors’ kids and would happily be out playing all day if they could. So keeping them happy inside can be a challenge.

So when we received a sneak preview of the great new Series of Poppy cat due to start on CITV this weekend, we were happy to snuggle up and take a look!!

Poppy Cat is a great series which sees Joanna Page (star of the hit show Gavin and Stacey) taking on an animation role.

Poppy Cat is based on the award-winning book series created by Lara Jones that has sold more than 2.5million copies worldwide since first being published in 2003. The colourful and appealing characters spring to life from the page to the small screen in stories of friendship and fantasy play. The series features 26 x 11 minute episodes and is seen through the eyes of Poppy Cat’s young owner, a little girl called Lara. Each story is a celebration of adventure as Poppy Cat and her friends embark on fanciful journeys through fantastical lands.

Commenting on providing the lead voice in the new ITV and CITV series, Joanna Page says, “Everybody loves Poppy Cat – the books have been such a success. So to actually play Poppy Cat is such an honour and I’m over the moon.  I love Poppy Cat because she’s strong, she’s determined, she’s not scared of anything, she’s very brave, she’s lovely and kind, she’s not selfish, she looks after her friends and she doesn’t back down from anything — and I think I’ve got some of those qualities! It’s just really exciting to play a cat who is so strong and really up for it.”

She continues, “I always think its really strange hearing your voice spoken by an animated character because I don’t think I sound like I do – especially when I’m doing Poppy Cat’s voice which is slightly higher and a bit cuter. In my head I think I’ve got a very deep mature-sounding English voice. And then I hear my voice as Poppy Cat and think, ‘Oh my gosh, I actually do sound like I’ve got quite a lilt in my voice and my voice is quite high’.”

Poppy Cat celebrates imagination, creative play and sharing stories. Pre-schoolers are encouraged to use their imagination as a way to solve problems and pursue their goals. The stories of Poppy Cat also focus on friendship, and on social and emotional themes, which are relevant and familiar to pre-schoolers. But above all, Poppy Cat is about Making Adventures Extraordinary!

It really is such a cute show, both Molly and Alfie have enjoyed watching it and I have already hit the record button for this weekend to make sure we don’t miss an episode!

Poppy cat starts this Saturday, 5th May, on ITV 1 and CITV at 7am and will be on both Saturday and Sunday meaning I will be able to sit and have a cuppa in peace……bliss!


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