Our Song

1 May

I have been tagged by the lovely Inside the Wendy House to take part in the Our Song meme.  Given that yesterday was my 6th wedding anniversary, I thought it would be a perfect post for me!

Now I would love to launch into a whole romantic story about our first dance song which has since become ‘our song.’  But I can’t.  The simple fact is, about two weeks before the wedding we could not decide on a song for our first dance.  We had never really had a ‘song’ there were a few that we both liked but nothing we could actually agree on.

A friend of ours had overheard me nagging gently reminding my soon to be Husband that we needed to get this sorted .  He is an amazing singer and guitarist and has performed at many weddings over the years, so he put together a CD of first dance songs for us and delivered it to us 2 weeks before our wedding.   After listening to the CD and drinking a little bit too much wine, we still could not decide despite there being some amazing song choices on there. So I suggested that we dance to the songs and see which one we liked dancing to the most (seemed like a good idea after a few glasses of red wine!). I thought it would be great practise for our actual first dance.  Unfortunately  dancing is not one of my Husbands strong points, he is good at lots of things, but he has two left feet and we had both had a few drinks so attempting to dance around the living room only ended up with both of us in fits of giggles and in the end we gave up, then this song came on.  So it was decided that this was going to be our song! It was safer to choose this than keep on dancing, or I could have potentially been hobbling down the aisle on crutches due to my feet being squashed by a dodgy dancer!

So nothing romantic in the choice, it was decided by a nice bottle of red wine and a fear of a broken foot! Still it makes me smile every time I hear it!

That was six years ago, we celebrated our anniversary on Sunday evening as my husband was working all day on Monday, when I say celebrated I mean we had a failed attempt at sitting and eating a meal together because Molly was really unsettled.  We ended up having a nice cold romantic meal at about half past nine and then went to bed because we had been up since 5am with Alfie! Who said romance was dead?!

A lot has happened over the last 6 years and we now have two gorgeous babies and a grunting teenager on our hands.  Oh how times have changed!

I wonder  where we will be in another 6 years?


One Response to “Our Song”

  1. WENDY MCDONALD (@wendymcd83) May 1, 2012 at 1:00 pm #

    Aww! That is a great story and a lovely photo. What a fun way to choose your first dance song…with wine and laughter!! Congratulations on your sixth anniversary…shame that the kids had other ideas than to let you have a romantic meal for two. My kids always insist on joining in our romantic dinners, never a moment’s peace! Thanks for joining in 🙂 xxx

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