Dear so and so…

20 Apr

Dear Alfie’s teeth….

Please give him a break (and me).  Several of you have now made an appearance all at the same time, which don’t get me wrong is great.  No more a gummy bear, my boy looks like a fully fledged toddler, his little face is already changing shape to accommodate you all and he is looking very cute I must say.  But Alfie and myself, we need some sleep you see.  So if you would kindly wait for a few weeks before sending the next lot through, we would both be very grateful.

Lots of love

Sleep deprived and grumpy,

Alfie’s Mummy xx

Dear Molly,

GET.A.GRIP.  Seriously what is it with the teenage attitude? When I ask you to do something I want you to do it……simples!  I don’t want something simple like getting dressed in the morning to end up being such a fuss.  You are running the risk of just going on the naughty step permanently.

Also whilst we are on the subject, what is it with you and dinners at the moment? I know there have been a lot of changes recently and Daddy isn’t around at meal times now, well to be fair he is not around much at all.  BUT you still need to eat, I spend a lot of time planning and cooking your meals and do not have the patience to stand and coax you into eating it every night.

Please go back to the lovely little girl I had a few weeks ago, the little monster that is present at the moment, is not so welcome.

Lots of love,

Stressed out Mummy

Dear lovely kids playing in the park next to my house,

Shut up, shut up, shut up, and shut up,  please (almost forgot my manners there!). I am on my own attempting to get two young children to bed.  Your shouting and screaming simply does not help.  If I were to come out and say something, I would be wasting my time totally because you would be unable to hear me.  It is still freezing cold out there at the moment, so why you need to still be playing at 7pm I don’t know, don’t little kids go to bed anymore?

Anyway, if you would kindly keep it down I would be most grateful, as you can see from the above, I am sleep deprived and dealing with a teething baby and a hormonal teenager single handedly and trust me you don’t want me to be coming out and having to ask you to pipe down….


The tired and grumpy lady who lives next to the park.

Dear Motivation,

Where have you gone? Is it tiredness? It is stress? Who knows, but you have gone, all gone, totally disappeared.  If you could come back that would be most appreciated as I have a lot I want to be getting on with, but simply cannot find the energy to do it, perhaps you have gone away with my lovely daughter?  Who knows, come back though, pretty please!

Lots of love and hugs,

Unmotivated Me

Dear Blog Camp bloggers.

Please be nice, you will be nice won’t you? I am more than a little nervous now about coming and meeting you all.  As if it was ever a good idea to go all the way to Birmingham on my own to meet a whole bunch of people I don’t know?  Seriously, what was I thinking, I get lost in my hometown and it is TINY (no I am not joking I really do).  So Birmingham and me are probably not going to mix well.

Anyway, I will be the scared looking (drowned rat resembling after getting soaked in the rain knowing my luck) blogger that is likely to be late because I got lost.  Please don’t point and laugh, because I will probably cry.

Having said that, I am very excited about coming to learn about all things Bloggy, and am if truth were told looking forward to saying “this one time, at Blog camp!!” hee hee hee!!  Simple things as they say…

It is going to be a great day, providing I can find my way there, Mammasaurus I hope you are ready to come to my rescue………

Lots of love

A very nervous, but looking forward to meeting you all,

The Singing Mummy xxxx

Dear So and So...


3 Responses to “Dear so and so…”

  1. Elaine Livingstone April 20, 2012 at 6:20 am #

    what can I say…teeth, will all come through and the trauma will end, kids in the park….sorry summer is coming in so that will get worse before it gets better, as for the teenager – oh dear…what can I say?? and the very reasons you have written about for blog camp is why I have not even put in for it…I worry terribly about getting lost and meeting strangers…so well done you for being one step braver than me. enjoy it

  2. Expat Mammy April 20, 2012 at 9:01 am #

    great post, Im sure bloggers camp will be awesome, Very jealous actually

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