A bad day……..

17 Apr

I wrote this post last night, but was so exhausted I couldn’t stay awake to publish it….after sleeping for nearly 14 hours last night, I feel vaguely human again…….just! But oh what a day we had!

I think we have all had days like it.  Today has been pretty shit,  to say the least.  I woke up this morning feeling rubbish, flu like almost.  Having not slept much for the past three years few days I as always put it down to exhaustion! Not much stops me in my tracks but this morning I struggled.

Paracetamol for breakfast gave me enough ‘feel good’ to get the kids dressed, and off to my Mum’s, then onto the Vodafone store (that place infuriates me on a good day anyway so it was not where I wanted to be).  Both my husbands phone and mine are playing up.  As I have dealt with the store 4 TIMES now with my handset I thought best to go in there.  Clearly I was wrong though, I was told to call customer services? So a 15 mile round trip to be told to go home and make a call, I was not impressed.

Anyway, got home, ate, sat down to do some work.  Have a few bits I wanted to get done but my head was killing me, so in the end I gave up.

Mum brought the kids back after lunch and after an hour of screaming from Alfie he went to sleep, for an hour, then we had another 2 hour screaming session, all whilst trying to have a Skype meeting with my boss, it was interesting shall we say!

Took until tea time to settle Alfie really no idea what was wrong with him, got out of the wrong side of the cot? Who knows! Tea time was mildly successful, both kids scoffed their dinner and all was looking good.  I even got an hours work done whilst the kids happily sat and watched Mary Poppins! YAY!

Then it just all went down hill, I really feel rubbish, every bone in my body aches, and babies just don’t get that, so after battling for 20 minutes to get them ready for bed, I was about ready to cry.  I went to make Alfie’s bottle and as I went into the kitchen all I could hear was the flicking of the plug switches.  Alfie’s newest habit, there is a socket cover on one and a night light on the other so he knows he is not to touch. Anyway, I stuck my head up and told him to stop, but to my amazement it was Molly sat there, not Alfie. He was keenly watching his sister and smiling mischievously. I asked Molly to stop.  She totally ignored me and still she continued.  As she saw me coming up the stairs she started flicking the switches even quicker, as if to say ‘in your face Mummy.’ I really yelled at her to stop, like a horrible aggressive shout that has made my voice all husky.  It was more out of fear than anger; I am so worried she will electrocute herself.  But even so, her little face look so scared, she leapt back from the plugs and burst into tears.  I instantly felt bad, so bad in fact that I started to cry too and then so did Alfie. So there we were all crying on the floor in the hallway…….what a mess!

So there we have it a total meltdown………….what a day!

I never meant to shout at her like that, she must have been so frightened. I am guessing she will never touch another plug socket again but I really felt awful.  When I put her to bed, she said ‘I didn’t like you shouting at me Mummy’ my heart broke a little bit more than it already was.

I wrote up to here last night then went to bed and gave up, I have not felt that poorly in a long time, and after almost 14 hours solid sleep I feel better, although still fuzzy headed.  I nearly was not going to publish this post for fear it makes me look like a ‘bad mother.’  But on reading back, I think it just makes me human? The whole point of my blog is to show the good bits and the bad bits of raising kids. Yesterday was a bad, bad day.  With my husband working such long hours at the moment, I am on my own with the kids a lot and trying to work as well.  Combine that with not feeling well and I guess anyone would have been the same!

Today is a new day, we are spending it having an indoor picnic with friends having a Disney DVD Day!

What a difference 24 hours can make!!






2 Responses to “A bad day……..”

  1. farfromhomemama April 17, 2012 at 7:42 pm #

    Lack of sleep can really make or break a day. When your tired everything seems like hard work and your tolerance goes out of the window. Here’s to a better day tomorrow. x

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