Our Day with John Crane Toys

12 Apr

A few weeks ago I responded to a post over on the John Crane Facebook page.  They were looking for a little one of Molly’s age to take part in a photo shoot for their 2013 catalogue.  Being local we jumped at the chance to take part, Molly loved her previous shoot she did with Huggies last year, and like any other little girl she love playing with toys so I felt sure she would love it!

Of course as would typically happen as soon as you have anything like this booked, Molly had a fight with the pavement a few days before the shoot.  Unfortunately the pavement won and she was left with a nasty graze all the way up her face and a very bruised nose.  She really did have a nasty fall poor thing.  But by the day of the shoot the bruising had gone down, she still had a little graze on her nose but overall it was much better.  We headed off to the studio armed with concealer and we were ready to go!

Molly is not a shy child at all usually, although she can be a bit clingy at first when we go somewhere new.  But typically on this particular day she went into total shy mode.  I think being in a studio with lots of lights was probably slightly overwhelming for her which meant that to begin with she wouldn’t let go of me!!

Alfie on the other hand, loved it. He was straight in there playing and laughing, unfortunately he was too young to be in any of the shots as the product was aimed at older toddlers.  But he had a great time playing with the toys.

Eventually after a few tears and a little bribe with some yummy sweets Molly settled and couldn’t resist playing with the Dominoes, and after this there was no stopping her!

John Crane kindly sent me a copy of the photos that were taken on disk and I have a few to share with you here!

Building towers - check out the red nose!! Bless her!

I love Dominos!

Molly loves her kitchen at home, so loved playing with this one!

Cooking dinner! Yum yum!

Alfie loved the kitchen too!

We had a great time and both Molly and Alfie loved playing with the toys, we had such a great time!! Huge thanks to John Crane Toys for letting us come and play!!


3 Responses to “Our Day with John Crane Toys”

  1. Elaine Livingstone April 12, 2012 at 2:54 pm #

    toys, modelling and photos as well as sweets all in one day, dont you just love blogging?

  2. torijohnson5 April 16, 2012 at 11:39 pm #

    Looks like the kids had a blast! Love the wooden kitchen.

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