Alfie’s bath time games

11 Apr

With my husband now working later into the evening, he generally doesn’t get home until after the children are in bed.  Up until recently, bath time was his domain, and I wasn’t allowed anywhere near, but with him not around all week, I have had to take over.  Thankfully both kids LOVE bath time, and I seem to have developed a nice little routine, and getting the kids ready for bed is not a stressful experience at all…….

Sorry, did I say nice?  It must have been a total moment of madness……I need eyes in the back of my head.  Alfie has long had a habit of throwing things over the side of the bath. Usually when it is empty, but recently he has discovered that this is much more fun when the bath is filled with water.  Take for example the time he thew a whole roll of toilet paper into the bath.  I thought I had removed it fairly quickly and got away without it disintegrating in the water until I washed Molly’s hair and noticed she had tiny bits of toilet tissue all over her, not a good look and it took me ages to wash out!

It has become a bit of a game now, what can I sneak in the bath without Mummy noticing, and I am fairy sure Molly must be in on it too as there is no way he can be working alone….it is like a military operation, he watches, he waits and then he pounces on any unsuspecting item he can grab and they are over the side of the bath into the water in a flash……

Here are some of the items that Alfie likes to ‘bath’

My weekly meal plan went for a swim!

Helping Mummy by washing the clothes too!

And apparently the Pourty wanted a swim too......

This is a small selection of items, over the last couple of weeks we have had dolls, books, and the clean towels and pyjamas I had nicely laid out for them for after bath time and some of Molly’s dressing up shoes.

I have tried everything to stop him, but he waits, poised for the moment he can pounce.  All I have to do is look away for a millisecond and whatever is near him goes straight in there!

Nothing is safe anymore, in Alfie’s eyes every thing needs a bath waterproof or not!


One Response to “Alfie’s bath time games”

  1. Elaine Livingstone April 11, 2012 at 6:36 am #

    yes some games are fun for everybody, other games not so.. a piece of elastic and tie him to the bath taps then he cant get out to throw stuff in!!

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