Babies babies everywhere!!

3 Apr

Everywhere I have been recently there has been either a pregnant lady or a baby, its like they are stalking me.  In the park the other day I kid you not, there were about 6 pregnant ladies all around me, and the rest of the Mum’s there all seemed to have new borns.  Now as much as I tell myself I am not, I really am getting quite broody.  I knew it would happen, I loved being pregnant both times but, although we haven’t actually decided that we won’t have any more, the chances are we won’t.  With Molly heading off to nursery soon I guess it is natural for me to feel like this?? Please tell me it is!

The thought of another actually having another baby terrifies me, I didn’t have an easy time when I had Alfie, but I still loved every minute of it, even the horrible sickness and constant hospital trips didn’t phase me, I would do it all over again in an instant.  But two children so close together in age is hard work, as I am sure anyone who has done it knows.  I get very little sleep and spend most of my days running around like a crazy women trying to keep up with them both!  I wouldn’t swap them for the world and I am so grateful and lucky to have my two health beautiful children but it’s tough.  So why am I feeling so damned broody?

Alfie is growing up faster than I could have ever he imagined he would, he is a walking demolition machine in fact he is an actual danger to himself, his sister and my sanity most of the time.  No longer my baby boy who clings to me and cuddles me 24 hours a day, he is getting more and more independent by the day.  It only seems like yesterday we brought him home from the hospital, he looked like a grumpy old man!

Molly is an independent little lady with her own little ideas and inspirations.  She chooses her own outfits down to the last little detail and how her hair has to be each day. She is changing every day, becoming more and more like a little lady rather than a toddler, it is fascinating, but scary all rolled into one, she amazes me!

I am telling myself I am just one of those people, you know the ones that are always broody? You know the type I mean, please tell me that you do?!

I am sure my husband will be reading this and panicking!  But panic not, I have no intention of turning into a crazy lady and suggesting we have number 4 I am well aware that we have our hands full enough with the two little monkeys and a teenager to contend with….but maybe we should think about getting a pet?  A little kitten or something to keep my broodiness at ease?  I can just picture his face as he reads…………

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