Molly’s Nursery Induction

27 Mar

So today was Molly’s induction day at pre – school.  We went and looked around in January whilst my Husband was between jobs. I decided that despite the fact she would not actually be going until September we had better look early to make sure we could secure a space at the pre school of our choice.  Molly loved it, she enjoyed her visit and was keen to go back, so when they informed me they had places available for an April start it caught me off guard.  She still seemed so tiny, and although she was clearly more ready than I thought she would be, I certainly wasn’t.  I was prepared for September but not April, that was way too soon!  We came away, discussed it and decided she would start 2 mornings a week in April, to ease me her in and then five mornings from September as we had originally planned.

Time has whizzed past and all of a sudden it March and time for her taster session.  We were up and ready and out of the door on time which is bloody impressive for someone who is rarely ready to go out before 11am!

Molly was upbeat and excited, she seemed to be looking forward to her visit and chatted happily as we drove along.  That changed once we arrived, she clung to me from the minute we got into the school gates.  Her little hand was squeezing mine so tightly I thought she would never let go.  I started to think I had made a huge mistake perhaps she wasn’t ready after all.

All the other Mums were chatting away and seemed to know each other as did the other children that were there for the induction; Molly was the only one who didn’t know anyone which made me more anxious for her, she has never been in such a big environment before with so many other children.  Her child-minder only ever has very small groups so the biggest group she is used to is 4 children.

Her teacher paired Molly off with another little girl and she began to play, still clinging on to my hand for dear life! It took a little while but she eventually let go and was enjoying playing with the other children. She sat and waited for her name to be called to wash her hands ready for snack time  and I didn’t get a backward glance as she got up after snack to continue playing with her new-found friends.

I sat watching chatting with the other Mum’s wondering what happened to my baby girl.  All of a sudden she seems so grown up, no longer my little baby, but a beautiful young girl with a whole exciting adventure to embark on.

I am confident that we have made the right choice for her, but today has made me very aware of the fact that I only have three weeks left of her being at home with me before she starts nursery, am I really ready to let go?

Of course I am now an emotional wreck, but, we are all ready, uniform is hanging in the wardrobe, induction is complete, now we just have to enjoy the Easter break before the new term and a new chapter begins!




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