Alphabet Biscuits…..well sort of!

26 Mar

Please note : If you want to read about an actual recipe that means you will end up being able to make Alphabet Biscuits, then please head elsewhere, I am sure if you do a search on google then there will be plenty of places you will find what you are looking for.  If not and you just want to laugh at my attempt then feel free to continue reading………………..

So I decided it would be a great idea to get out some cook books and do some baking with the kids last week! Molly loves cooking, and has been a while since I have done any with her.  So came one of my trusted recipe books and I decided we would have a go at making Alphabet cookies.  You know the ones, biscuits in the shape of letters with pretty icing.  I was thinking that they would be great over on the Baby Swap or Shop blog.  Now I really should never attempt to make biscuits.  Cakes I can do, home made bread I can do, in fact iI would go so far as to say that I am quite a good cook, but biscuits and me have never mixed well, I just can’t get them right and I really should have learnt my lesson by now and not attempt them!

The kids had great fun mixing the ingredients and it was all going so well.  Alfie loved it, Molly loved it leaving me with two happy children.

The recipe said that the mixture had to sit in the fridge for 30 minutes to rest once finished, so into the fridge it went and we had lunch whilst it did its resting! By the time I came back to the mixture it was not looking like it was going to roll out very well.  It was kind of all gloopy.  So I added a load more flour tiny little bit of flour to the mixture and Molly got cracking with her rolling pin.  Then our troubles started. Firstly trying to cut the alphabet shapes was not happening. The mixture was still to gloopy even after adding a second lot of extra flour so I sacked the alphabet idea and got some shape cutters out.  Again the mixture was still too gloopy, we did manage some shapes but in the end gave up……….(I did warn you that it didn’t go well before you started reading).

The shapes we managed to cut seemed to be ok with lots of added flour…

In the end Molly rolled the gloop into balls and squished them down, we popped them in the oven and 20 minutes later our rather large scone looking biscuits were done.

Scones anyone?

I have to say they did not look at all appetising or feel anything like biscuits should, but Molly was so excited about decorating them I let her and Alfie loose with the icing under Daddy’s supervision and they had a blast.


Now I have no idea what they tasted like I didn’t want to risk my life feel like it, but the kids and my husband loved them and assure me that they were in fact edible and actually quite nice!! I am not so convinced….

But here is the finished product…….

I won’t be posting this on BSOS for fear everyone might laugh at me I would upset my boss for posting utter rubbish, BUT I should get 10 out of 10 for trying at least?


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