Raa Raa the Lion DVD – Review

25 Mar

It is only recently that Molly has started to love Raa Raa the Lion on CBeebies , she was never that bothered before, but since the new episodes came out earlier this year she has loved it!  So when I saw the opportunity to review the latest Raa Raa DVD we jumped at the chance!

Mollys little face was a picture when the DVD arrived……”Mummy” she said “Raa raa has sent me a parcel – this is amazing!”  From that moment onwards she was desperately trying to get into the package to see what Raa Raa had sent her!  After a little help from Daddy she finally got in and this is what she found!!

Thanks Raa Raa! I love my DVD!

Not only do you get a DVD with eight great episodes of Raa Raa on it, but you get a Raa Raa toy too! Molly was most impressed and Raa Raa has been a big hit with both her and Alfie.

We were stuck in the house all of last week as Alfie has been very poorly, so this gave us the perfect opportunity to check out Raa Raa’s new DVD ‘Welcome the Jungly, Jangly, Jungle’ and it really didn’t disappoint.  There is 8 brilliant episodes on the DVD meaning that the kids are entertained for well over an hour.  Even Alfie who generally shows no interest in any TV programmes at all watched absolutely hooked to the telly with his Sister, it was the first time all week he was not sat on my lap!

Molly loves Raa Raa!

This is Raa Raa’s first DVD release and for those of you who haven’t seen it before here is a bit about Raa Raa and his friends  –

Narrated by national treasure Lorraine Kelly, little ones will love to help Raa Raa and his friends solve noisy mysteries, go on adventures and have lots of fun whilst mastering language and communication skills.

Each episode follows Raa Raa and his wonderful gang of friends: Topsy the giraffe, Huffty the elephant, Crocky the crocodile, Zebby the zebra and Ooo Ooo, the cheeky little monkey. Together this merry band of young friends are learning that they can have a lot more fun on their adventures if they use their communication skills – sounds, gestures, facial expressions and best of all words!

We have watched this DVD over and over already and we have had it less than a week, so that makes it a hit in my book, the episodes are lovely, they love them all! Alfie has even started to say Raa Raa when he sees the DVD start, which for the boy that only says ‘Yeah’ to everything is impressive!  The only downside in my opinion is the catchy theme tune, I was wondering why people were looking at me funny in the supermarket the other day then I realised I was humming away to Raa Raa’s theme tune……….not the greatest of looks when your on your own without the kids!!!

The DVD is released on the 26th March and I would recommend it to any Raa Raa fans out there! You can follow Raa Raa over on his Facebook page here www.facebook.com/raaraathenoisylion.
This post is my honest opinion of the product we were sent to review.  I did not receive any financial reward for writing this post.  

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