Dear so and so…………..

23 Mar

Dear Alfie,

Please don’t scare Mummy like that again.  I hate seeing you poorly and I especially hate being in hospital for any length of time.  Please stay healthy for Mummy from now on, I don’t want to repeat this week….EVER.

Oh and please please please stop climbing on everything in sight, you know what I said about hospitals……I don’t want to end up there again because you have fallen and hurt yourself, so please save the climbing for in the park and NOT Mummy’s furniture.

Lots of love


Dear Molly,

Next week is your induction day at nursery.  How did this happen, how did I go from having this new-born in my arms to sending you to nursery so so quickly.  I hope you like it, I know you are ready for it.  I am sure we have made the right choice, it is a lovely nursery and I know your going to be ok, but part of me really wants to keep you at home with me, your still so tiny, still my baby.

I know Mummy and Alfie are going to be a little bit lost without you here for them few hours a week.

Lots of love


To My wonderful Husband


I am so proud of you for getting the new job that you wanted.  The last couple of months have not been easy, but we have got through it!  I know that you hated the nights and I am proud of you for sticking with it all this time for us.

We can relax this weekend and Monday is a whole new adventure to embark on!

All my love

Sinead x

To my brain,

Please stop being so scrambled….I need you to be in full working order at the moment, fuzziness is not an option, I have far too much to do and you are quite simply slowing me down.  I know you can work more effectively, but your not, kindly return to normal functioning ASAP.  Thank you.


Frazzled Sinead

To the Sunshine,

You make everything just seem so super wonderful!! Please stick around for a while to keep everyone smiling!

Thanking you muchly


Dear So and So...


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