Brit Mums Meet and Greet

10 Mar

Well, its official, I am off to Brit Mums!! I am so excited!  A huge thanks to Huggies who are kindly sponsoring me for the event!! : )

Now for the realisation, that I am off to London to spend the weekend with a whole bunch of people who I have never met before…..eeeekkkk!!

So when heard about the meet and greet over on Stepford Wifey, I thought this would be a perfect way to put some faces to some blogs!

So here is a bit about me.

Name : Sinead

Blog : and (work stuff on this one)

Twitter : @thesingingmummy

Hair : Long dark brown (but June is a long way away and anything can happen so don’t rely on this as it changes.  A lot.)

Eyes : Greeny Blue

Height : 5ft 2 and a very little bit!

Likes : Singing, Italian and Chinese food, bacon although I claim to be a ‘vegetarian!'(weird I know!), cooking, family, anything pink, shoes, make up (well that is actually an unhealthy obsession not just a like if I am honest!), wine, cheese, white chocolate…..

Dislikes : Meat (except bacon obviously), Horror films (I am a wimp), having my photo taken

Only half decent picture I can find and it contains wine……..’Cheers!’

If your off to BritMums Live why not head over to Stepfordwifey and meet the other bloggers linked up! : ) See you in June!


One Response to “Brit Mums Meet and Greet”

  1. Jennifer Howze March 10, 2012 at 9:20 am #

    I love any profile pic that includes wine! Looking forward to meeting you there.

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