SnoozeShade Plus – Our Review

7 Mar

When Alfie was a newborn I was determined to try to get Molly out and about as much as I could to keep her routine the same.  This was fine when Alfie was little, he would go in the lower Carry cot of my iCandy and sleep away.  Once we moved him into the seat unit, we had problems!! He all of a sudden realised that looking around him was a lot nicer than sleeping, in the end I would rush around to get back for naps leaving me with a frustrated toddler who wanted to see her friends, or get home with an over tired little one the refused to settle! Then I was kindly sent the SnoozeShade Plus to review!   I only wish I had one sooner!!

As well as keeping your little ones protected from the harmful sun rays, the SnoozeShade Plus is a fantastic sleep aid perfect for use when out and about!  No more nosey Alfie, getting him off to sleep is so much easier!  It fitted perfectly onto the iCandy and looks great too.

This photo was taken in a VERY busy children's indoor play area over half term. It was packed and very noisy. Alfie's nap time came and he was getting very grumpy, on went the SnoozeShade to the iCandy and he went off to sleep! : ) Giving me the chance to enjoy a well deserved cuppa! : ) Bliss!

The ‘sneak-a-peek’TM zip is perfect for checking on your little one whilst they are asleep and it has a ‘lookout’ window to allow Alfie to still look around when we are out and about.  I have been using this product over the winter months, but I can’t wait till summer, no more pegging muslins to the pushchair for me, I can be happy in the knowledge that Alfie will be fully protected by his SnoozeShade!  I can’t think how much I have spent over the last few summers looking for sunshades and parasols for pushchairs.  At £29.99 for a SnoozeShade I would have saved myself a small fortune! : )  Even during the winter it has been fantastic for protecting Alfie from the cold and the wind.  He has been nice and snug under his SnoozeShade!



BOO!! : )

SnoozeShade Plus

  • comprises of a double-layer of soft breathable fabric which allows air circulate
  • has an easy to open and close ‘lookout’ window which allows your child to see out and stops the sun getting in their eyes
  • blocks out 94% of light creating a cosy sleep environment when in sleep mode
  • provides UPF50+ sun protection throughout (when blackout panel is closed)
  • provides 80% shade (UPF5) with the lookout window in use
  • universal fit for prams and strollers – move it from one model to another
  • suitable for use from birth – long and wide enough to take your growing child to approx. 4 years old
  • features ‘sneak-a-peek’TM zip to check quietly on your sleeping child
  • provides protection against mosquitos and other insects

Now those who read my recent pushchair addict post will know I have recently changed prams (again).  My beloved iCandy has gone to a new home, and I have replaced it with a lovely Mamas and Papas Luna and I have to say that the SnoozeShade fits perfectly on it!

All fitted onto the Luna


Side view on the Luna

I would totally recommend the SnoozeShade to any parent, it really is a fantastic product and is a great price too!  You can also get lots of other SnoozeShades including one for your car seat and one for Travel Cots!! Take a look at the SnoozeShade website to check out the other great products on offer!



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