Meal Planning Monday

5 Mar

There are loads of great Memes in the bloggersphere and I have taken part in quite a few now, but this is a new one for me!!

I tend to be quite organised with what we eat and how I shop.  But recently I have gone a bit wayward and am finding I am spending more than I need to purely because of bad planning.  So when I came across Mrs M’s Meal Planning Monday it seemed to me like the perfect plan to get me back on track!

So here it is – this week we will be having :

Monday – Beef roast dinner, with all the trimmings! (it was yummy!)

Tuesday – Chicken Risotto (I don’t eat meat so I will be having pasta with a home made tomato sauce instead)

Wednesday – Cod with new potatoes, veg and a hollandaise sauce

Thursday – Vegetable Chilli

Friday – Lasagne (one meat and one vegetarian to cater for all household tastes! : )

So there it is! I will have to stick to it, as I have shopped according to the list so will have no choice!

For more meal plans and a fabulous blog packed with lots of recipes why not head over to Mrs M’s and take a look!

Do you tend to plan your meals in advance?


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