The world according to Molly

29 Feb

Molly is growing up fast.  She is starting to form her own little opinions on things and has her own ideas.  She is a stubborn little madame (I have no idea where that comes from?) and won’t settle unless things are just right as she wants them!!

She really cracks me up, some of the things she comes out with really are hilarious and I wanted to share some of them with you.  I am going to call them Mollyisms!

We don’t eat wee wee Mummy, we just eat gravy……randomly pointed out one afternoon whilst I was cooking the Sunday roast!

Right in the middle of a tantrum Molly stopped crying to announce, “Caterpillars are not sticky Mummy” then went right back to screaming again!

“Bath mats are for keeping spiders away Mummy, did you know?” I bet you never knew that now did you?! Give it a whirl you never know!

The best one so far was on Sunday night, we move away from our usual bed time routine on Sundays as Molly loves Dancing on Ice.  So Sunday nights we put Alfie to bed and snuggle on the sofa to watch the Ice Skating under a big fleecy blanket, Molly loves it and looks forward to Sunday night every week!  This week whilst waiting for it to begin Molly was upstairs playing whilst I was putting the washing away and she started singing away to herself….

“I do love you, you have lots of coat hangers and I am going to sing my tree house song for you! But we can’t put balloons down the toilet!!! 

“Now I am off to play outside in my tree house with my balloons. I could open the draw and get a scarf out too because I need a scarf for my treehouse!”

“When we go out in the sun we see the  rainbows, they always come out when it’s sunny. Lovely colours in the sun”
I didn’t recognise the tune she was singing it too so I am assuming she made that up herself too along with the words!! Absolute utter nonsense, but it all made complete sense to her, and was completely and utterly adorable to me!!
I often wonder what goes round that little mind of hers, but thinking about, perhaps I am better off not knowing!

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