Alfie’s First Hair Cut

14 Feb

For weeks I knew Alfie could do with a trim, but I was putting it off.  I quite liked his scruffy longish hair, it was cute.  However it was starting to get in his eyes and brushing it to the side wasn’t really working.  I was getting fed up with trying to clean banana, yoghurt, gravy and anything else he eats out of it every day so, off to the hairdressers we went!!

I was worried he was not going to sit still, he never sits still unless he is eating and I didn’t think food was the best option in a hairdressers so armed with a little toy  train that he likes off we went!! I was surprised how well he sat, I had him on my lap and he seemed to like it, Molly was a little star helping me keep him entertained!

Nothing could have prepared me for the transformation.  Suddenly my little baby boy looked like a toddler, gone were his beautiful baby curls, it felt like my baby vanished right there in front of my eyes!  I wasn’t ready for him to suddenly look so  grown up.

But it is done now, and as the days have gone on I have got used to it.  Gone is my cheeky little baby and in his place is a rather handsome looking little man!!

How cute is he??? (Yes I know I am biased!!)


One Response to “Alfie’s First Hair Cut”

  1. Carla Seabrook February 14, 2012 at 9:02 pm #

    wow he looks so grown up! 😀 bless him, what a cutie lol x

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