Silly Mummy……………………

30 Jan

Ok, so call me silly but I probably didn’t give this as much thought as I should have done.  My Husband did his first night shift last night and got in at 5.30am.  I got up with the kids as normal. We got breakfast over with fairly successfully with my Husband sleeping (hopefully) upstairs.  I then came across a bit of a massive issue.  My clothes, make up, hair straighteners and everything else associated with getting ready to go anywhere are upstairs in the room where my husband is ASLEEP – great planning right??  Also, I have done no ironing this weekend (it is on my to do list for tonight, and probably every other night this week as well!).  Molly and I both need tops ironing to get ready to then go out for a few hours and let my husband sleep peacefully.  ARGHH!!

So first thing is first, I decide to write a blog about it then I don’t have to actually face up to the issue that it is 9.30 am and I am not dressed and neither are my kids (well to be fair Molly has jeans and a vest on?! Does that count?).  But I really should have planned this a bit better.  So tonight before going to bed I am going to make sure I have everything ready for tomorrow so I can get me and the kids ready without disturbing my sleeping husband!!

Now next thing on the list for today is to try to explain to my kids why playing marching bands with their toy trumpets and saxophones is NOT allowed today, and hiding Alfie’s beloved drum kit from him till later this afternoon.  I also need to get into the bedroom to get clothes for me and Molly, the iron and ironing board and everything else I need to get ready to go out WITHOUT waking my Husband……….oh gosh I think it is going to be a long old week, is it really only Monday morning?! 🙂




2 Responses to “Silly Mummy……………………”

  1. Elaine Livingstone January 30, 2012 at 2:08 pm #

    you do get more organised, you will also find given time to settle to his pattern hubby will not go to bed the minute he comes in….he never did a 9-5 job and went to bed when he came in so why should he when his body gets use to it.
    meantime good luck…as he is going to be very grumpy cos he wont get 8 hrs sleep no matter what you do or dont do

  2. Baby Genie January 30, 2012 at 10:44 pm #

    I can totally sympathise with this being married to a shift worker! Maybe we need a shift workers wives Facebook page with tips!!
    I lay our clothes out on the landing the night before when husband is on nights. And I also keep all of my hair and makeup stuff in the spare room, and dry my hair downstairs. If we’re not off to work/school I get out of the house sharpish, there is nothing more stressful than trying to keep a toddler amused – quietly! Tell your husband to invest in some earplugs too, just in case! xxx

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