Review – Skeanies Classic Pre Walkers

3 Jan

One of my favourite things about my new job with Baby Swap or Shop is that I get to go to the Baby Shows – I love them! I love seeing great baby products and checking out new things on the market! This year we exhibited at the Baby Show for Trade and during the time we were there I got to go around and check out some of the great companies and products that were also exhibiting.  One of the stands that got my attention was Skeanie.  Now I do tend to get very excited about everything, however this was simply AMAZING!! Shoes, shoes and more shoes! My idea of heaven, they were so soft and squishy and looked so comfortable!! I was in totally in love.

So you can imagine my utter excitement when I received an email from them a little while later offering me the chance to review some of these lovely shoes for little people, errrr YES PLEASE!!

So my gorgeous little man was sent a beautiful pair from there Pre Walker range, the timing was perfect as he was starting to toddle about nicely by then. We have been using them for a little while now and I have to say I am more than a little in love with them! They not only look fantastic, but they are the softest leather with a super soft sole too, perfect for tiny little feet taking their first steps.

Due to the fact that they are so soft I was a little concerned about how well they would last, Alfie has been wearing them every day for the past few weeks and they are still in perfect condition, I think they are going to last really well. The sizing is great and they have a flexible back so they expand to fit your child’s foot as they grow, without squashing their little toes!

I always worry about the kids on our downstairs floor which is laminate in the hallway and tiled in our kitchen.  I am paranoid about them slipping over and banging their head and up until we had these shoes we did not allow Alfie to toddle about downstairs at all, but the Skeanie’s have given him the stability and grip to confidently walk around downstairs and they have stopped me panicking he is constantly going to slip over on the floor.

When I saw them at the Trade show there was not one product on the stand that I didn’t love, and I have to say that these shoes have certainly lived up to my expectations they really are great! I would recommend them to anyone with a little one cruising around, they are stylish, comfortable and perfect for little tiny feet! They also have a great range of junior shoes for older toddlers and more confident walkers, but my favourite product of all was the Skirtle! Is it a Skirt? Is it Tights? No it is both all combined into one fantastic Skirtle! Perfect for little princesses!!

I really love the pre walkers that we have been sent and will certainly be checking out the junior range once my little man is ready for them!



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