Christmas Cake!!

14 Dec

So in an attempt to get festive me and Molly got baking!! We have made our first ever Christmas Cake!!

I blogged about this a little while ago in my last Dear Grandma entry.   We used her recipe, which I have been wanting to do for such a long time now!!I would love to share that recipe with you all, but it is scribbled on my care following a caesarean section leaflet (I obviously found that useful!!) and took me so long to decipher that I am not going to attempt to share it! Maybe next year when I have more time! I am sure it won’t taste as good as hers, as she made amazing cakes, well to be fair she made amazing everything, I don’t think there was anything she didn’t cook well!! But we have done our best, and even had a go at the marzipan and icing!!

So the Christmas Cake making started back in November, when we put on our Music for Baby CD and had a good ol’ sing song and started baking!! Molly in true Molly style had to taste everything we were putting in the mixture (well apart from the Brandy!!), she did pull the funniest face when she tried the mixed peel, her words were “Mummy that was disgusting!! Shall I give it to Alfie instead?” Little monkey!! Between them they ate their body weight in dried fruit and we had such a giggle!!

My only moment of panic was when I was about to put the mixture into the cake tin, I was sure I had too much mixture. It looked as though I had enough for 10 cakes not !! So, I got straight on the phone to my Mum!! She assured me that the cake tin was fine, and it would all go in, she mentioned about the baking parchment I had lined my tin with…….errrrr what baking parchment? I had no idea what she was talking about – Grandma forgot to tell me that bit!! 10 minutes later Mum arrive with parchment and brown paper, showed me what I needed to do and our cake was finally ready to go in the oven – thanks Mum!! 🙂

So the cake was made and the long task of cooking began.  Hours and hours and hours later (according to Molly we had waited years for it to cook!!) and the cake was finally ready! So Molly wanted to try some of her Chocolate Cake!!! How many times do you have to tell a two-year old it is a fruit cake before they get it??!!!!!

I got the task of soaking the cake in Brandy over the next few days, my hand slipped a bit a couple of times so it could be a very boozy cake!! But it is for Christmas so that’s allowed isn’t it??

For weeks now Molly has been asking, when she can decorate her cake and eat it and it has been hard work telling her to wait!! But finally we have decorated it and it is finished!!

Here is our cake making journey in photos….

Getting prepared!

Mixing the cake.......boy did our arms ache afterwards!!

Ready to be cooked!!

Finally Cooked!

Rolling the Marzipan!




We had so much fun making it! I will definitely be making another one next year – that is providing this one tastes as good as it looks……..


2 Responses to “Christmas Cake!!”

  1. melissa December 14, 2011 at 5:53 pm #

    It looks lovely, and looks like a lot of fun and love has gone into so am sure it will be scrummy. I have the crazy task of decorating 4 cakes next week!! Eeeek! Wish me luck!xx

  2. Elaine Livingstone December 14, 2011 at 6:10 pm #

    thats looks marvellous, well done you, I dont have the patience to cook these things.

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