Music for Baby – A review

12 Dec

Being “The Singing Mummy” I was stupidly excited to be kindly given a copy of this CD to review, from Music for Baby.  They are genuinely the loveliest people you will ever meet, so enthusiastic about music and what they do!!!  The CD contains some really great Christmas Songs that have been recorded and adapted for little ones! A great idea I think!! The music is perfect, simple background music with a gorgeous lilting voice that makes me instantly relax as soon as I hear it (much-needed at the moment with everything going on here!!!) It is beautiful!

We have listened to ours non-stop, and Molly loves it. She sings along to everything (like her Mummy!!) and is fast learning all the words to quite a few of the songs on the CD!! It has been played all through our festive preparations from making the Christmas cake to decorating the tree and I love it even more every time I hear it!!

It is perfect for babies and young children and gives them a great introduction into some lovely songs!  Molly’s favourite is Santa Clause is Coming to Town (which she was singing on her way to bed tonight!!) and of course Christmas would just not be Christmas without Jingle Bells, which we have to play over and over and over!! Alfie just seems to love them all, he is the cutest little dancer and starts as soon as the CD begins with his groovy moves and gummy grin (yes we still have only 2 teeth – seriously the boy needs to grow some teeth – like 6 months ago!!)

I was singing all the way through my pregnancies so it is fair to say that music plays a big part in both of my babies lives. I sing all the time! I must drive everyone nuts!! In the car, to the adverts on the radio and telly…constantly, its my passion and I love it! This CD gave me the perfect opportunity to have a good sing-song with them to music that they both seem to love!!

Music for Baby also have several other CD’s available on their website  (all of which I want – Santa if you are reading, please add them to my list – for the kids stockings of course!! Ha ha!) they include Acoustic Lullabies, Singalong Songs, Jazz Nursery Rhymes, Shake Rattle and Strum and others all priced at £10, which I think is an absolute bargain!! I would also highly recommend their Blog….a great read! 🙂

A huge Thank you to Music for Baby for our CD it is certainly a Number 1 hit here we love it!



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