Dear so and so…..

25 Nov

Dear dentist,

When I have an appointment booked for 3.10pm, I really don’t expect to still be in the surgery at 4.30pm.  It really put me out actually.  I had to arrange for my friend to collect my children so I could sit and wait to be seen. The least you could have done when you asked me to sit and wait for a few minutes was to tell me that a few minutes was actually an hour.

I really thought that booking my appointment an hour before I was due to collect my children (who I may add were only 5 minutes’ walk away) would have been plenty of time.  Please rest assured that when I come back in a couple of weeks I have left 3 hours just to be on the safe side.  Although if you keep me waiting that long please be warned I may well will scream!!



Dear doctor’s receptionist,

Are you this rude to everyone that comes in? I really do take it personally, you don’t seem to talk to anyone else like that so why me?? Yes I know that it was a bit inconvenient for you that I realised on a Friday afternoon that my asthma inhaler was running out, but I honestly didn’t realise it was so low.  If I could have waited until Monday I would have done, I really wasn’t trying to make your job any harder.

Thank you though to the nice lady that did get my prescription sorted for me later this afternoon, she was very helpful and understood that I really had not meant to be so last-minute with it. It seems the one you were organising got lost or something….funny that, she couldn’t work out where it might have gone.  Still I guess my Asthma inhaler wasn’t that important in the grand scheme of your day.

Thanks ever so much for making a rubbish day just a bit more rubbish.


The relieved lady who now can stop panicking that she doesn’t have her meds thanks to your nice colleague.

Dear Friends and family,

Thank you, thank you to each and every one of you who helped us celebrate Alfie’s first birthday.  He had a great party and a lovely day.

Myself, Paul and the children were overwhelmed with the lovely cards and gifts for Alfie and the time you all took to celebrate with us.

We love you all very much, and are truly blessed with a lovely family and fantastic friends!

All our love

Sinead, Paul Molly and Alfie xxxxx

Dear readers,

Only 5 days left of NaPoBloMo! I know I missed one day due to internet failure (almost had the same issue yesterday – what is it with Thursdays eh?).  Nearly there though, and my sporadic blogging about randomness will resume I promise!

Thanks for reading though and sticking with me!

Sinead xx

Dear So and So...


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