Accident Prone Alfie…………….

24 Nov

So my lil man is finally one!! He had a great party and a great day. Well a great day except for being very accident prone……..

It was all going so well, we got up, and he opened some presents (with some help from his big sister of course), had breakfast, and opened more presents.  He was laughing and generally loving being the birthday boy!! My parents came to visit (more presents!) Then we started to get ready to go out…… and it really went downhill from there on!!

Alfie has an obsession with doors, particularly the bathroom door.  He knows he is not allowed in there, but at any given opportunity he will try to get in there, he pushes at the door and no matter how many times I tell him not too he still goes back for more!!  So as I was getting his coat out of his wardrobe, I suddenly heard him scream.  He had pushed the door and trapped his lil fingers, no harm done really, red fingers and a few tears but a cuddle from Mummy soon sorted it all out, but gosh did he scream!

We head downstairs and I put his shoes and coat on and popped him down in the hallway whilst I got myself ready to go.  He wandered after me up the hallway tripped over and fell flat on his face.  He screamed, I mean really screamed.  Not only was he screaming but he was bleeding, everywhere, it was all over the floor, his clothes and even on the table, there was so much of it, I could not even see where it was coming from!  Alfie at one year old only has two bottom teeth; these two teeth had happily cut right into his top gums.  So off we headed off to be checked out by the nurse at the surgery.  He was fine (I wasn’t!!), a small injury but it bled so much!! He had a hug fat lip and a bruise on his head but he was back to his normal smiley little self in no time at all!!

So we headed off eventually for lunch and play and when we arrived at the place we wanted to go to, it was full, we couldn’t even get into the car park so plan b was activated (I do love a plan b!)– I did at this point want to scream – could we not have just one day without things going wrong??  Is nothing EVER simple??

They say all things come in threes so I can’t say I was surprised at another accident once we got home……..Paul was putting him into his booster seat for tea, at the same time Molly was having a bit of a moment (yes ok…… a tantrum) Next thing I knew we had two screaming babies, Paul immediately went to see what was wrong and realised he had squashed Alfie’s little finger putting the tray on………my poor baby.  I think he cried more out of tiredness rather than actually getting hurt, but seriously I think the boy had had enough!!  What a way to spend his birthday eh? One accident to another!!

Paul tells me that putting his teeth through his gums and trapping fingers are minor compared to what he is likely to do in the future……..I will be honest and say that the thought of anything else sends me into a cold sweat, I think I need to toughen up a bit!!!

A bit of an accident prone birthday for my little man – I am yet to see the photos, but I am sure they will mainly be showing a very smiley little boy with a very big fat lip!!


One Response to “Accident Prone Alfie…………….”

  1. Elaine Livingstone November 24, 2011 at 9:43 pm #

    its the amount of blood with a mouth injury that causes the parent most panic. My daughter fell onto a childs chair chin first at 4 and put her teeth through her tongue and top lip, I picked her up took 1 look at the blood, handed her to my friend Lynn and left the room. I didnt want her to see me panic, luckily we were in the parents room at the school so i just went and got the school nurse and she treated her.
    Yes mine have broken limbs,split heads, been knocked down by a car, fell off play equipment, all part and parcel and fairly normal part of growing up,,,,,,
    Hope he had a good birthday apart from the accidents.

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