Birthday Emotions!

21 Nov

Alfie will be one tomorrow and yesterday we had his birthday party!! I made what felt like hundreds of cupcakes, packed millions of party bags and blew up so many balloons I was dizzy!!

We had a fantastic party though, Alfie seemed to love it although he looked very confused as to why everyone was there to see him!! His little face when we sang happy birthday was the cutest little picture ever!!

I actually cannot believe that he is one tomorrow.  This year really has flown past and all of a sudden my baby boy seems so grown up!! He is now feeding himself, walking everywhere, and starting to form words together.  Where has my little baby gone?  I am sure I am not the only one to be a total emotional wreck at this great milestone, but I really do feel quite sad.  He seems to be getting more independent every day, and this totally breaks my heart! The silly thing is as his mother I want him to grown into a strong independent person – so why all the emotion!! Silly really I know! I blame it on hormones!!

So tonight I have tucked my baby boy into his bed and he will wake up a whole one year old!! I can’t wait to put his presents out, I have balloons and banners and lots of lovely bits to put around the house for him from his party! I know he won’t remember any of it, or even have a clue what is going on but I love to make a big fuss on any of the children’s birthdays, even Liam has to have a cake and balloons and he is 15! 🙂

Tomorrow I will be writing Alfie’s birth story and linking it over with Actually Mummy for her new Meme! Seems a great way to mark his first birthday!!


One Response to “Birthday Emotions!”

  1. Katy November 21, 2011 at 9:19 pm #

    Wow special times 🙂 I too was very emotional around my son’s 1st bday. You can’t help but look back to the anxiety of waiting for them to arrive a year ago and then the stress and elation of the birth itself. Having a child changes your life in so many wonderful ways and certainly makes you grow as a person. I was very tearful singing Happy Birthday – time passes so quickly but it’s great to have those moments of reflection to appreciate how lucky you are to experience a mother’s love.

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