NaBloPoMo….day ???

10 Nov

Ok, struggling today, and yesterday’s Wordless Wednesday……a totally cop out I will admit it, there were not enough hours in the day to actually sit and write something!! !

This week has so far been shit ………………and yep I did just swear on my blog!! SHOCK HORROR!

I am exhausted, fed up and have a stupid amount of things to do. Alfie’s birthday is getting closer by the second and I suddenly feel really disorganised!! We have been stuck in all week due to little man being so poorly, this has put me behind on my list of things to do from the Crazy List Lady, she is going to be cross next week there will be so much to catch up with!  I really thought lil man was on the mend, we even almost made it to the magic 48hrs without being sick, which meant he could go to the Childminders tomorrow and I could work, but bed time came and with it, his tea came back up…all over me, my jumper, jeans, sofa and carpet (oh yeah my boy can puke!!).  So Molly will be off on her own tomorrow to see her friends and I will be spending the day giving my little man lots of cuddles and more than likely not getting much work done.  But what can you do eh?

So I thought today I would round-up my week – a day early I know but this week has actually been so long it could have been a month so it is justified.

So here goes, 1 screaming baby, 1 toddler who I have to say has been a superstar despite being stuck in all week with a screaming baby. I say she has been a superstar but this is however discounting the incident at 4am this morning where she painted bright pink nail polish all over my stairs carpet – any tips for getting this out would be appreciated?! I love pink, but was not the look I was going for in the hallway 😦

So I am going to keep it brief tonight as I have had hardly slept all week and every word I type is a few seconds when I could be doing just that…………………………tomorrow WILL be better won’t it??! Positive Mental Attitude and all that!!


NaBloPoMo day 10 – 20 posts to go!


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