Dear so and so……

4 Nov

Well I loved doing my first one, so here I am again back for some more!!!

Dear Alfie,

Your nearly one.  How did this happen? It only seems like yesterday that we brought you home, your little face all scrunched up and grumpy, you were like a little old man!! Now your walking, climbing, and generally causing chaos every day!!  I feel somehow like I have missed a big chunk of this last year…….I haven’t, but it has gone by so fast that it feels like I am missing something!! I remember thinking before you were born, I bet  we will be planning your first birthday party before I know it, and guess what?? Here we are!!

I love you so much little man, you are growing into the most adorable little boy, such a cheeky little personality developing.  I feel very emotional at the moment, the closer your birthday gets the worse I am getting, I promise to try to stop crying every time the pampers advert comes on the telly and get a grip!

Anyway, I know you won’t remember anything of your birthday, but I wanted you to know that I am doing my very best to make it perfect for you as best as I can!!

If you could just please stop growing up slightly so fast I would really appreciate it though, Mummy really can’t handle it and am running the risk of turning into an emotional wreck……….ok, ok, I know I AM an emotional wreck, but believe me, over the next few weeks it is going to get a whole lot worse!!

All my love


To all of my wonderful friends,

I am rubbish…..I know, you don’t need to tell me or remind me at all.  I know it!! Every time I look at my phone I see a whole heap of messages I haven’t replied too.  It is not intentional I promise.  Up until I had Alfie, I would have said that time management was one of my strongest skills…….I have totally lost it now!! I can organise things that are 6 months in advance no problem (e.g nearly finished xmas shopping!! YAY!) but there lies my problem, I am so busy planning for the things in the future I forget the day to day things I need to sort!!  I promise I will try harder……………….but I do thank you all for sticking with me!! And will try my hardest to reply on time to things!

Lots of love

Forgetful Scatterbrain

Dear “me time??”,

What are you?? Can you remind me? Oh yes, you are the thing I used to have.  The lazy Saturday mornings and long soaks in the bath after work.  Relaxing nights in front of the telly with a take away.  Popping out to meet my friends for an hour, because I could! What happened to you? Where did you go? Since when did my “me time” become a night in with the ironing?? Don’t get me wrong I would not swap my kids for anything in the whole wide world and I am very grateful for them every day, but to have a little bit, just a tiny bit of me time would be so lovely! Please come back and see me, if only for a short time very very soon!!

Missing you lots

Me x

To the stupid man across the road,

I actually HATE your stupid pink camper van. When I first saw it, I thought it was quite cool if I am honest, but it has now been outside my house for 6 months………You do  have a driveway so why do you feel the need to park outside my house?? Why mine and no one else’s – I am telling you now I am taking it VERY personally!  Please USE YOUR DRIVE.


Lots of love (honestly)

The angry woman over the road (who you really should avoid at all costs right now!)


NaBloPoMo update 4 down 26 to go!


Dear So and So...


3 Responses to “Dear so and so……”

  1. Sarah Mac November 4, 2011 at 1:05 pm #

    The joys and woes of having children 🙂 You might have to wait a little while for the me time to come back but it really does (and then all you want is the total dependence back:).

  2. alysonsblog November 4, 2011 at 1:40 pm #

    Oh I feel your pain on the rubbish re friends lark -I am positively shocking and seemingly getting worse with age – LOVE Dear so & so

  3. louise November 4, 2011 at 2:07 pm #

    i remember feeling exactly the same when eithan was nearly 1, i dont remember feeling like it with hollie though……………i think its because im possibly not having any more children!! boo and now as eithans second birthday is approaching on valentines day im starting to feel saddened all over again as it is then the countdown to nursery begins and u have to choose schools and so on!!!! oh dear, im gonna get all upset soon, lol xx

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