The juggling act of day to day life!!

24 Oct

I know I am no different to any other Mum out there, juggling everything from housework to homework and all that comes in-between, but these last few weeks I really do think I have excelled myself!! Starting a new job working from home has been challenging, but I love working around the kids and being able to work when it suits me, it is great.  But it does mean that mostly my washing is never up to date and my house is a mess…..for now I am using Halloween as an excuse, the cobwebs are giving my home a gothic feel to it, in keeping with the times! 🙂

My trip away to London last week was a success (well BSOS have not sacked me so I can’t have been that bad!!) and this has given me a well needed confidence boost.  I never imagined I would be able to stand at a Trade show and talk to people (and almost make sense too!!) I can write it down and publish it into outer cyber space for everyone to read…. But actually holding a conversation with anyone other than my 2 year old could have potentially been disastrous!!

Now as the name of my Blog suggests I am a keen singer, music has always been a HUGE part of my life from a very young age and I adore performing!! I sing as a hobby really, and currently sing backing vocals on an Elvis and Neil Diamond Tribute show.  I love it, it’s a chance to let my hair down and have some me time, and it also brings in some extra pennies too which is never a bad thing, especially with Christmas coming up so soon!

I don’t gig that often really, not nearly as much as I would like to.  A very good friend of mine joined me on backing vocals for the show last night and we have been rehearsing like mad to be ready in time for last night! When you add a new person into the mix you need to make sure you get it right!!! So on Saturday the three backing singers met at mine for a last rehearsal to run every number before the show last night! Knowing that I was going to be away from home most of Sunday meant that the Crazy List Lady had left me a stupid long list of things to do on Saturday and I had no chance of actually getting half of it done, but I was determined to try. Now this is where my multi tasking comes into it’s own………..I was sat singing along with the girls, whilst having Molly on my lap colouring in with her, and sending and reading emails, with tea on the go at the same time………how impressive am I???!!!!!  Not sure if I should replace impressive with totally insane but hey ho!!  It worked though, by 5pm I had two babies fed and watered, emails all up to date and had done a full run through of the set list for the gig!! Get me eh? My fellow singing buddies have nicknamed me Octo-mummy (I actually quite like it!!)

The gig was fantastic so all of the extra rehearsals were very worth it, I am exhausted today though and I think I have broken every toe in both feet after standing on stage in silly heels all night (they do look great but oh so painful!), after 4 hours sleep I have spent the day running around catching up with all the usual day to day stuff that needs to be done!!

Tonight I am hoping to reward myself with a hot soak in a bubble bath and a very early night, however that is dependant on Crazy List Lady not popping by waving her “to do” list at me!!

Us Mummy’s are fantastic really aren’t we??!!



One Response to “The juggling act of day to day life!!”

  1. Katy October 25, 2011 at 9:17 pm #

    I know the feeling…some days are just a complete whirlwind. We mummies really are superstars even though we don’t get reward stickers! Funny, I have a crazy list lady that comes by my house too. Great that you’re following your hobby but next time flat shoes octomummy!

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