Review of the Pourty Potty!

7 Oct

The Pourty Potty 

We were very kindly sent one of these to try out!! We live in a three storey house and I spend most of my time running up to the bathroom on the first floor so Molly can go to the toilet – this is the only toilet she will use and her other potty is (according to Molly) to small for her now!! So I jumped at the chance to test one out to save my legs from traipsing up to the bathroom several times a day!

A bit of information on the Pourty:

The Pourty potty won Best New Product to Market 2010/11 and is consistently rated 5/5 in potty reviews for quality, value for money and ease of use. Its features include:

  • wider flatter seating area which boys and girls find more comfortable to sit on than normal potties
  • high splash guard and deep bowl giving boys plenty of room while preventing wee escaping over the front of the potty
  • unique hygienic pouring duct in the back rest so that parent or child can pour the wee and poo out of the back away from where the child sits or touches
  • anti-drip lip to prevent unpleasant dribbles and mess down the outside of the potty
  • Sturdier plastic than most potties giving toddlers and babies more confidence that the potty will hold them.

The Pourty potty is perfect for potty training children from 12 months to 4 years’ old.

When our Pourty arrived Molly got very excited about her new Potty, unfortunately this was very short lived!! When she opened it and realised it was not a pink one (like the picture on the outside of the box) she was very disappointed!! The Pourty comes in a lovely range of colours, Blue, White, Pink and Purple, there is a colour choice for everyone!! I chose a white one for us as I was thinking ahead; and in a couple of years I didn’t think Alfie would be impressed with a pink potty!! Thankfully, when I explained to Molly that the Potty would be for Alfie as well and he would like white, she decided that she liked it too!! Although the downside to this is that she keeps telling Alfie that if he needs a wee wee he must go on the new potty!! Alfie at 10 months old has no idea what she is going on about but it is very amusing watching her trying to explain to him how “big boys do wee wee’s on the Potty not in nappies!!!”

So the Pourty was placed in the downstairs bathroom for Molly to use when she needed too!! And she loved it so much so that I ended up carrying it up and down the stairs with me so she could use it upstairs too – kind of defeated the object from my point of view…..but we went with it anyway!! It is so easily portable, that it really didn’t matter!

It has a wider base than most potty’s making it much more sturdier than other potty’s we have used before, most potty’s tip easily when Molly has got up from them, leaving me with not so nice mess to clean up. This is not a problem with the Pourty.  Molly loves sitting on it, it is comfortable and easy to clean.  When she is done, I quite simply pour the contents into the toilet!! Simple! I can’t believe no one came up with this concept earlier, it is great!!

The most surprising thing for me about the Pourty was the price.  I had no idea until I started to sit and write this review how much the RRP on a Pourty was, I have to say I was amazed that you can get one of these for £9.99!! A bargain in my eyes!! We paid £6 for the potty we had previously bought for Molly and it is small, uncomfortable and not to mention difficult to clean! So at £9.99 I really think the Pourty is fantastic value for money!!

I would reccomend the Pourty Potty to any parents thinking of starting to Potty training it is a fantastic product!! 🙂


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