Holiday fun, awful weather and holiday horrors!!!

9 Sep

Every year we head off on a holiday even if it is just for a few days. That few days is our time,  precious family time, without worrying about work and early starts. It is our time to enjoy ourselves and relax and chill out!! I guess we build ourselves up to this time, look forward it more than anything else.  So when it all does not go to plan…… is horrible!! 😦

So, last Sunday we packed up and headed off to a not so sunny Great Yarmouth!  Hubbie although still recovering from his bout of food poisoning was much better than he had been and Molly was so excited to be going to the beach!!

It all started so well!!

The weather was beautiful, we sat on the beach, Alfie paddled in the sea for the first time and loved it – Molly copied him and has now got over her fear of the sea and the waves!! (YAY!!) Alfie ate some sand, it didn’t seem to bother him (I would go as far as to say he actually quite liked it!!)….Molly decided that it looked like fun and copied him, she was not so impressed and was then nearly sick!! We had a lush time, the sun was shining and we were a very happy bunch!

Later in the week my Mum came and spent a day with us too, which was lovely, we walked along the beach and had icecream, built sand castles (very well wrapped up by this point as the weather had turned and it was freezing!! 🙂 ). It was fab, Molly loved having her Grandma with her and loved showing her all around where we were staying!

On an evening there was entertainment for the kids, Molly loved it, she really is a disco diva and Alfie was amazed by all the lights and loved the shows that were on! They both had so much fun!!

As the week went on, the weather got worse, it was windy and rainy and not the kind of weather you can sit on the beach in!! But we went swimming and did lots of fun things, just all of them were indoors!!

Not only was the weather getting worse but Hubbie was feeling poorly again, he gradually got worse as the week went on.  Last night he was so ill I ended up have to call for a doctor, who then advised I needed to call an ambulance!! So there we were,  2 babies, one poorly Hubbie and 2 paramedics 😦  Thankfully they didn’t take him into hospital and we got up this morning and headed home to get him to the G.P.  I was up till the early hours of this morning packing everything up to get him back home as soon as I could. Why is it when you have to get somewhere urgently the traffic is awful? I gave up on the A14 in the end and took a slightly made up detour home (I have to say I am most impressed with my navigation skills today I was AWESOME!) and we finally made it home and avoided the traffic jam which we later heard on the radio was really bad!

So it has been a mixed week!!! We have had lots of fun, absolutely great and awful weather but ending with lots of stress!!

Have got some fab pictures and I will do another post in a few days and share some with you! For now, I am off  tackle the mound of washing that has taken over my kitchen and after the stress of the last couple of days I think I may need another holiday just to recover from this one! 🙂 Anyone got a spare ticket to Barbados????


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