Review – Postman Pat ‘Happy Birthday Pat’ DVD

1 Sep

Well I was looking on the wonderful Brit Mums site and came across this and was so excited! Molly loves Postman Pat, she knows all the words to the theme tune so I thought it would be perfect for our first review!!

Postman Pat is the longest running Animated TV series on the BBC (bet you didn’t know that!) and has been going for a whopping 30 years on the 16th September 2011.  To coincide with this the BBC have released a special edition DVD to Celebrate Postman Pats Birthday!!

The DVD arrived in the post and Molly was very excited that Postman Pat (our Postman) had brought her Postman Pat!! It was very adorable!

So on a not so sunny bank holiday Monday we snuggled up and got stuck in to the DVD.  Molly loved it and it really held her attention well (this does not happen often I can tell you!!). There are 8 episodes on the DVD and Molly has loved them all!

Along with the DVD there is a Limited Edition Party CD with 15 party tracks! Molly loves to dance so I was sure she would love it, and I have to say I was not disappointed.  We had such a giggle dancing around the living room to the CD.  Even Alfie joined in!!

Check out our photos!

Even Daddy loved it! 🙂

Very engrossed (and way to close to the telly!! Tut tut!)

Singing along to the Postman Pat CD!

Dancing with Alfie!! He loved the music on the CD!

Molly scrubbing the decks apparently!! Along to the Pirate Song!

The Special Edition DVD is out on the 16th September and I would really recommend it to any Postman Pat fans out there!!

Postman Pat©  2010. Woodland Animations Limited.  Original writer John Cunliffe.  Lic. Royal Mail Group plc.


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