Back to normal :-) Finally!

31 Aug

Well things are finally settling back to normal here (whatever normal is?).  My Husband is finally feeling better and has gone back to work and I now have some time to blog again!! YAY!!!! I cannot believe a) how long he was ill for, and b) how much of an impact it had on EVERYTHING!! I certainly don’t want to go through another couple of weeks like that again! I had no time for anything, it was a struggle keeping up with work and the kids, anything else has just been totally ignored!  I had just got myself into blogging regularly and then totally had no time to do any 😦

Well Alfie has still not cut a tooth yet, despite all my excitement last week 😦 although we have now moved into the phase of teething that involves screaming for hours on end at night, so I am guessing it is very close now!! Can’t wait for them to finally cut through so he is a bit more comfortable bless him and hopefully then I can get some sleep!! This teething stuff is hard work!  I am totally amazed though that despite my little Prince being awake for hours on end crying  Molly has so far slept through it all – I am grateful for this but very amazed!!

So this Sunday was my first proper gig back with the band since I had Alfie, I was so nervous, but it was great.  We all had a great night and the venue was packed we have been booked for 2 more gigs there between now and March next year!! 🙂  I really have felt it this week though, I was up all night Saturday night with Alfie, thankfully he slept through Sunday night whilst I was out at the gig, but I got in and fell into my bed at 2am and was up at 6.30am. I was exhausted on Monday and I am still recovering now! 🙂

The most exciting thing so far this week has to be that our first review item arrived in the post!  Molly was soooooo excited, so I will be working on my first review tomorrow!! Eeeeekkkk! Please keep your eyes peeled for it!!! I have to say we have had loads of fun doing it!! 🙂

Well time for me to head to my bed to see how long I can sleep for before the Little Prince wakes up!  🙂

Hopefully now I will be back to my normal blogging/tweeting self!! YAY!  🙂


One Response to “Back to normal :-) Finally!”

  1. angelsandurchinsblog August 31, 2011 at 9:17 pm #

    Sounds as though you’ve had about two hours sleep in the past two weeks.Well done on the gigs (and on staying awake long enough to sing!)

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