Exciting news!!!!

23 Aug

Well my ability to blog the last week or so has been hampered by my husband being ill, he has been off work now since last Monday so I have been more than a little rushed off my feet!  That combined with starting my new job last week, things have been a little mad here I must say!!

So my exciting news………..My little man is finally cutting a tooth!! 9 months old and my little Prince still has got no teeth, I was starting to wonder if they would ever come, but the first one is on its way, I can feel the lump under the gum just waiting for the tooth to pop through, and along with that we have had the sleepless nights and grumpiness that generally comes with teething!! 

He has been teething for what seems like forever, he first showed signs of teething at 4 months, and I expected him to have cut his first tooth long before now!! Molly had a mouthful of teeth by 9 months so I guess I just assumed Alfie would be the same!!  How wrong I was!!!

I think between them both I have just about exhausted every teething product under the sun (well it feels like it!).  We have things that go in the fridge to chew on, funny shaped dummies to also chew on and various toys that are for teething babies, some of which Alfie has really loved however he is quite happy chewing on his fingers a lot of the time!! 

The one thing I have come across that I didn’t use for Molly until she was much older is an Amber teething necklace.  A friend of mine bought Molly one for her first birthday and I used it for a long time whilst she was cutting her bigger teeth, but I wish I had used it so much earlier! They really do work in my opinion, and I have used one with Alfie since he was very young.  On the odd occasion I have forgotten to put Alfie’s on him when he has had a bath or been changed I have really noticed a difference in him, his cheeks go red and inflamed and he drools for England!! That and the teething powders really have helped the whole process for me!!

I don’t know how long it is going to take for this tooth to fully make its appearance but it is definitely coming, hopefully it won’t be too long! Then there will just be what will feel like hundreds more to go!!! Molly has just finished cutting her last tooth and here we go again with the whole process as Alfie cuts his first!!!


One Response to “Exciting news!!!!”

  1. louise August 24, 2011 at 3:17 pm #

    eithan didnt get his first tooth until 2 days b4 his first bday….bless him, he is 18 months old now and only has 6………….lol x

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