Dear Grandma xxxxx

12 Aug

Dear Grandma,

Has been 2 months now almost to the day.  Still does not quite seem real.  All of my life you have always been so far away, I guess that’s why it is hard to believe you have actually gone.

There are times when I forget, and pick up the phone to call you, like when Alfie started crawling.  I always rang you first when either of the kids did something for the first time.  I always thought it was only fair that you got to know first as it could be a while before you saw them again.

Molly still asks to ring you, she can’t understand why heaven doesn’t have a phone she can talk to you on, every  now and then she will chat away to you on her toy mobile, it is the sweetest thing, but it breaks my heart. The innocence of a child is amazing, so little understanding of what it actually means to say that you are gone forever.  She still is insistent that you have gone to heaven on an aeroplane, I don’t quite know what we are going to do when we take her on a plane for the first time, she will be thinking she is going to visit you!

I got her some dominos for doing so well with her potty training, can you believe she is out of nappies?!!! She loved playing the dominos with you when we visited, it was the fist thing she asked for when we came up for the funeral, so we got her some Peppa Pig ones as a treat, and she loves them!  A few people at the funeral commented how much Molly looks like you, I never saw it to be honest, but I was looking at some pictures of you and her and I can see it now!

Alfie is cruising round the furniture and is causing chaos every day!! He is the spitting image of his Daddy and has got the most adorable little personality emerging.  Paul thinks he will be an early walker like his sister, if he is right he could be walking within the next month!! We shall see!  I am so glad you got to meet him. Although he won’t remember you I will make sure they both know how lucky they were to have you!

I have so many happy memories of visiting you when I was growing up, going on Mystery trips (I still don’t get the part about not knowing where you are going till you get there?? I must have had organisational OCD from a very young age)  Making Christmas Cakes (I will be attempting your recipe later this year, I will report back as to how I get on), and going to the seaside.  We always had so much fun when we visited you!!

I will cherish the memories of the time you spent with my babies and know every day that you loved us and how proud you were to be a Great Grandma.

Love you and miss you everyday,

Sinead, Molly and Alfie xxxxxxxxxxx

Me and my babies with their Great Grandma

Molly and Grandma playing Dominoes!


2 Responses to “Dear Grandma xxxxx”

  1. Elsie August 12, 2011 at 5:56 pm #

    I miss her too. She was and would be o very proud of you.

  2. Nafisa August 12, 2011 at 7:45 pm #

    lovely blog entry my dear. very touching indeed.

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