Potty Training and Our Day Filming with Huggies!

5 Aug

Firstly – I have to say I am actually totally addicted to Blogging!! Right now I really should be, making my bed up which I stripped earlier this morning…the sheets are still on the floor waiting to go in the washing machine and the bed is still unmade!! I guess that will be my job to attempt later after a few glasses of wine and a take away! As right now, I am going to write my third blog!! So making the bed can wait!

Molly has always taken to things very quickly she is a very bright little girl.  For a while she was telling me when she needed changing and there came a point when I knew I just had to go for it and start potty training!  So on Monday 27th  June 2011 (to be precise!) we started! I was a bit obsessive about asking her if she needed to go to begin with (I was literally asking her every time she moved!).  However after only 3 days and 6 accidents, my baby girl was dry in the day!! I was amazed at how well she did! I used a sticker chart for her that I got her to decorate herself and every time she went on the toilet or potty she got a sticker! She loved it and this really helped the process!!  I didn’t attempt to get her out of a nappy through the night as I really didn’t know where to start but I was so pleased with how she was getting on!

I was doing some research on-line and replied to a thread on the Huggies Facebook page regarding Potty Training.  They were looking for people who were nearing the end of potty training to take part in the shoot.  The next thing I knew we were off to London for the day to take part in the filming!! Molly loved it! She was a little superstar, she had her hair and make up done and did everything that was asked of her on the day! I was so proud!

I got some fantastic advice from Emma Kenny, child psychologist regards helping Molly to be dry at night time.  I had it in my head that this would only happen when I took away her bedtime milk – now I guess is the time I admit that she still has a night-time bottle of milk 9oz every night…….oh and a dummy at bed time too, (I was never aiming for any mother of the year awards anyway!! Ha).  I really had it in my head that Molly was never going to go through the night and be dry when she was still having so much fluid right before bed!!! Emma explained that she will just train herself to go through with the milk or without it, but whilst she is happy having it why stop it?!  This really put my mind at rest.

Since the shoot I have been using Huggies night-time Pull Ups on her every night.  She loves them, they have Disney Princess Theme, which goes down a treat with her because of course she is a “little princess” she says! They are really absorbent, and although she is not dry in the night yet I really don’t think it will be long!

The whole day was fantastic and I can’t wait to see the finished film, I was so proud of Molly, and I really enjoyed having some girly time with her!!

All in all the potty training experience has been nowhere near as scary as I imagined it being and I really believe the fact that I waited until I was sure Molly was ready to start played a massive part in this.  I have been lucky with Molly and she has adapted so well. But I really do think that there is a lot of pressure on Mum’s (in my opinion) to potty train and really until the child is ready I don’t think it is right to push them.

I would recommend the Huggies Pull Ups to anyone thinking of starting to potty train, they really are a good product. Also would love for everyone to look out for me and Molly on the Huggies Guide to Potty Training that should be out later this month on the Huggies website, the guide contains some fantastic advice from Emma Kenny and the Huggies Team about all stages of Potty Training!



2 Responses to “Potty Training and Our Day Filming with Huggies!”

  1. Narrowboat Wife August 8, 2011 at 3:21 pm #

    My daughter still wears Huggies Disney Princess night time pull-ups and she’s three and a half!

    • thesingingmummy August 8, 2011 at 7:10 pm #

      They are fantastic!! Molly loves them! I was so surprised as I didn’t expect them to be any good, they are so absorbant! She loves her big girls bed time pants!! xx Love your blog by the way!! xxxx

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