Babies are amazing little things!!

1 Aug

So am sitting here looking back over the last 8 months since Alfie was born and I can’t believe the little monkey pulling himself up on all my furniture and walking around everywhere is the same little man I brought home from the hospital with me last November.

I am proud of my children, they both amaze me everyday, but as I look over the last two and a half years of my life it is hard to comprehend how much has changed!!!

We found out I was expecting Molly in April 2008, we had been trying for what seemed like forever – in reality about 6 months and it was the first month that I was convinced that I was not pregnant… wrong could one be!! I was amazed to get a positive result! I will never forget the look  on my husbands face when I came out of the bathroom!!!

I was lucky to have a plain sailing pregnancy with Molly, and I loved every second of it!! I was HUGE!! Seriously huge!! I really kept thinking I could not get any bigger and then I did!! But I loved it and couldn’t wait to meet my little bundle!!

We didn’t find out what we were having with either of them, however I was convinced Molly was a boy and had named her Alfie, and was convinced Alfie was a girl and he was named Rosie!! Again I was wrong both times – so much for my mothers instinct eh?!!!

Molly came along in January 2009, the scariest 14 hours of my life ending in an emergency c section, but my baby girl was born a healthy 8lbs 1oz.  She looked about 3 months old from the day she was born, she never really did the newborn bit!! She was sitting up by 4.5 months, and walked at 9 months! She is so determined, always watching and learning from whatever is around her!!  She is developing into such a lovely little person, caring, loving and soooo gorgeous.  She is also stubborn and very stroppy though – both of which I am afraid to say she gets from me!! She is bright and bubbly and such an amazing little lady!!

We decided to start trying for number 2 in February 2010 – unknown to us both I was actually already pregnant! My periods had never really returned after stopping breast-feeding Molly so I had no idea, it was not till I had been feeling majorly rough for a week that I suddenly thought I had better do a test…..never actually imagined it would be positive!!

My pregnancy with Alfie was not so plain sailing, I bled in the early days, was constantly sick, and was in and out of hospital for monitoring more or less all the way through!  Despite all of this I still loved every second of being pregnant again, and was thankful to not be as big with Alfie as I was when I was carrying Molly!

My main fear the whole way through was the birth, I had such an awful time having Molly I am sure I will talk about this in later blogs, but I felt like a failure after she was born because I did not give birth to her naturally – silly I know, but it has taken me a long time to accept that it was nothing that I did wrong.  I was overjoyed that on seeing my consultant he said that as long as the baby was no bigger than Molly at full term then I could go for a natural birth, but they would be monitoring me closely throughout the pregnancy and labour! I was so happy that I had the chance for the natural birth I wanted.

Alfie came along in November 2010, my labour progressed very quickly and on arrival at hospital I was contracting every three minutes and they were lasting for a minute.  unfortunately shortly after arrival at the hospital Alfie’s heart rate fell dramatically on the monitor and did not recover, my husband was pushed out of the way and I was put under general anesthetic and Alfie was delivered by an emergency c section. 😦 He was 7lbs 10oz and a very lucky little man, I had a cord prolapse and he was very lucky to be delivered so fast.  I will always be grateful to the Midwife at the hospital for realising what was going on and getting the consultant, they told us afterwards that what happened was very rare and can potentially be life threatening.

Alfie was the grumpiest newborn…..FACT!! He was born and he screamed, and screamed and screamed for the fist 5 days SOLID!! Not a minute went by when he was not screaming, even the Midwives in the hospital could not believe it!  If he was not being fed he was screaming!!

The last 8 months have been insane, life is exhausting, but amazing!! I love my babies and am thankful every day for them both – even when they are being little monkeys!!


One Response to “Babies are amazing little things!!”

  1. heatherwarner30 August 4, 2011 at 9:11 pm #

    Fantastic blog Sinead, can’t wait for the next installment!

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